Pedal-powered hotel

| April 22, 2010 | 0 Comments

The Guardian: A Copenhagen hotel has discovered an unusual new source of renewable energy – people power.

Guests at the Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers are being encouraged to make use of the hotel’s new electricity-generating exercise bikes which feed into the hotel’s power supply, with the incentive being that in addition to burning off excess calories, guests who produce 10 watt hours or more will receive a free meal for their efforts.

According to the hotel’s calculations, it would take a guest cycling at 30kmph for just six minutes will generate enough electricity to earn their reward, while an hour of effort will produce around 100 watt hours of electricity.

The scheme is only a pilot project at this stage but if successful after one year, similar schemes may start operating in other Crowne Plaza hotels around the world. Read more.

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