The dawn of the sixth wave

| July 11, 2010 | 1 Comments

Global investment firm Allianz Global Investors has released a report suggesting the recent financial crisis could herald the start of the sixth Kondratiev wave – a wave in which the key is a increase in resource and energy productivity.

The report describes a structural change in economy called “Eco-Trends”, and argues that growth will be generated from a new mix of economics, ecology and social commitment. The authors singled out nanotechnology and biotechnology as being two areas of interest for their potential to contribute to this increased productivity.

“Both of these segments could play major roles in the new structural cycle by using new materials (and/or properties of materials) and new processes to make many sectors more environmentally friendly through the use of fewer resources and less energy,” the reports authors wrote. Read the report here.

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  1. Lumbuck Thornton says:

    How to best make a “Micro Climate Chaser”

    Many people around the world can only afford shelters and it may not be long before our climate can only afford for people to have shelters. Many alternative technology enthousiasts probably also fall into this boat as well as we try and slot into a community and society so bent on unsustainability.

    Animals move around the yard or the wild resting in desirable micro-climates but what if humans could exploit the same energy savings and quality of life sometimes? Animals don’t have the benefit of science and at the most some might construct a nest or a burrow. They also have to compromise position for their own safety sometimes.

    Humans could be really smart and make something very comfortable to rest in but also reconstruct their whole garden to amplify the benefits of such a device in some amazing new ways and pick up some wonderful snacks and ideas along the way. Such a device could be so attractive it starts to downsize and change the shape of houses.

    This Passive Solar Outdoor Furniture might might be enhanced with a thing I call a “lawn snorkle”. This little canopy would be lowered down onto the lawn when the chaser was in the right solar position to collect or avoid the sun. Cool fragrant earthy or grassy air would be drawn up into the chaser by a little solar powered fan. Imagine doing this over a bed of carrots or parsnips? Of course you would need mosquito proof screening to keep the bugs out but these are experiences we are missing out on stuck in buildings.

    If you are not in a position to try and make one of these then dreaming about the concepts can be a lot of fun and potentially map out a way we could greatly improve our quality of life and that of others instead of spending a lifetime paying off a mortguage and impacting so hard on the planet.

    Sweet dreams and I hope someone gets the opportunity to make one at some point then experience the first warm rays of a true “Dawn of the Sixth Wave”


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