Waste = resources

| July 31, 2010 | 0 Comments

With waste an effective dead-zone of profit, one company’s waste can be another company’s resource stream. Wastivity is essentially an industrial trash and treasure, where producers of waste can cost effectively find buyers in order to avoid waste to landfill. Buyers, in turn, can drastically reduce their direct procurement costs by purchasing ‘waste’ as an input to their production system.

Two opportunities are regularly asserted in the corporate strategies of the world’s leading firms:

1)       To use supply chain partnerships to gain competitive advantage; and

2)       To reduce the environmental impacts of processes and products.

Wastivity creates a new vertical link in the supply chain, presenting an opportunity for businesses to not only reduce total system waste-to-input ratio, but also realize financial value for waste (internalization) through the establishment of a marketplace. Find out more at www.wastivity.com

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