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The Sixth Wave looks forward to the grave risks to the planet that will arise if we continue with business-as-usual and back to the lessons from the economic history of industrial revolutions. When we put the two together we see not only that we must change our ways but also that the transition to low-carbon growth and low-carbon growth itself will be dynamic, innovative and attractive. This is a thoughtful, careful, wise and very important book” – Sir Nicholas Stern, author of the 2006 ‘Stern Review on the Economics of Climate Change’.

The Sixth Wave is a window to the future.  Bold and inspiring, it shows us we can decouple economic growth from resource consumption to create a cleaner, fairer and more sustainable world.” – Don Tapscott, author of Wikinomics and Macrowikinomics.

“Moody, who works at Australia’s national research agency, and Nogrady, a science journalist, argue that, since the industrial revolution, we’ve seen five long waves of innovation — from water power to steam to electrification to mass production and right up to information and communications technologies. They argue the sixth wave will be resource efficiency — because rising populations, with growing appetites, will lead to both increasing scarcity of resources and dangerously high pollution, waste and climate change.” – Thomas L. Friedman writes about sixth wave issues for The New York Times Sunday Review. Read more here.

“Bold, timely and inspiring … this book could change your thinking about innovation and the future” – Dr Geoff Garrett, CSIRO Chief Executive, 2001-08.

“Exactly right for the times and very nicely written.” – Narelle Hooper, Editor,  AFR BOSS magazine.

“Pragmatic and uplifting, a definite ‘must read’.” – Fiona Wain, CEO of Environment Business Australia. Read more here.

“This book fits somewhere between popular science, current affairs and business, but it’s a relevant and insightful book in any category.” – Queensland Writers Centre CEO Kate Eltham reviews The Sixth Wave for 612 ABC Brisbane. Read more here.

“This book is for those who are looking for optimism in a world where it is all too often hard to find.” – Mike Hanley reviews The Sixth Wave for AFR’s Boss Magazine, scoring it 3/3 for readability. Read more here (subscription required).

“The book, The Sixth Wave: How to Succeed in a Resource Limited World, by James Bradfield Moody and Bianca Nogrady, points to the emergence of an exciting new wave of innovation. There is a clear pattern in modern history of five waves of innovation. Beginning with the Industrial Revolution, each of these waves has transformed society, economies and industry. The fifth wave was communications technology, but its peak is over and a new wave of innovation is emerging driven by the need to sustain resources. China in particular, must ride the crest of this wave.” – Zhu Yuan reviews The Sixth Wave for China Daily. Read more here.

“There’s enough science to be credible, enough examples to make it believable, and enough opinion to make it compelling. And ultimately, it’s incredibly uplifting as it reaffirms our human ability to innovate and overcome challenges that sometimes seem insurmountable.” – One Green Step reviews The Sixth Wave. Read more here.

“I highly recommend this book, not only for its command of the massive whole-system, accelerating changes humanity is undergoing but also for their clear writing. They make such complex phenomena clearer, and this book is a great read as well!” – Hazel Henderson reviews The Sixth Wave for Read more here.

“Reading this book has inspired me to think more creatively about sustainability. About seeing it not just as something that ‘should’ be done for the altruistic good of the planet but because, if you’re clever about it, there are ways to make pots of money and real societal change too.” Michele reviews The Sixth Wave on the Easy Being Green blog for Read more here.

“In this thought-provoking and accessible new book, Bradfield-Moody and Nogrady consider the next wave of innovation in a world where everyone is online, everything is measured and nothing is wasted.” – American Bookstore. Read more here.

The Sixth Wave gives us an inspiring view of the future where waste equals opportunity.” – Planet Ark reviews The Sixth Wave for Aware Newsletter. Read more here.

“It’s a book that makes you rethink the ‘greening economy’ debate away from the typical, ‘costs and inconveniences of going green.’ Instead of ‘sustainability’ merely being an issue of denying the use of non-renewable resources, it focuses on the opportunity to make our resource use really excel—economic models that reward considering the true costs of the manufacture and use of a product and rewarding the reuse of materials so that landfill will become a thing of the past. The book contains plenty of mind-expanding examples of ideas, scientific achievements and entrepreneurial endeavours that show how this sixth wave can be achieved.” – Clayton Jan reviews The Sixth Wave for BIZMOJO. Read more here.

Change your mind, save the planet. – Rebecca Bloomer writes about The Sixth Wave in her Bloowillbooks blog. Read more here.

“This book is of big ideas and possibilities, as well as a fair amount of hope and thoughtful research. If the authors are correct we may be able to correct the serious environmental imbalances that are occurring all around us. If not, well then it may be unspeakable. Read at your leisure and think deeply.” – A review by Read & Relax. Read more here.

“Waste, services, and the convergence of digital and natural worlds are where investors who want to catch the next wave of innovation should be putting their money, say the authors of The Sixth Wave: How to succeed in a resource-limited world.” – Anthony Sibillin reviews The Sixth Wave for BRW, 25 March 2010. Read more here (subscription required).

“Moody, from CSIRO, and science writer Nogrady assert that this latest wave will be about natural resources, human resources and information. Responding to the challenges of sustainability and rapid population growth, humanity will finally break away from resource dependence.” – What’s New in Book Reviews, Boss Magazine (Financial Review).


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