The Exhausted Air Recycling System

The Exhausted Air Recycling System

Pneumatic workshop tools are extremely wasteful, blowing out large amounts of waste air. The Exhausted Air Recycling System (EARS), invented by Australian mechanic Chris Bosua is effectively a closed-loop system that reroutes the exhaust air from the pneumatic tool back into the air compressor via a second hose and special manifold. Bosua’s invention not only doubles the capacity of an ordinary air compressor but also drastically improves its efficiency, because the recirculated air is already at a higher pressure so the compressor doesn’t need to work as hard.

If used continuously, EARS can reduce the compressor’s energy consumption by up to forty per cent. It also reduces the amount of noise made by pneumatic machinery – for example, the noise level of a pneumatic drill dropped from the equivalent of a lawnmower to a sewing machine. And because the air is being recycled rather than drawn into the compressor from the outside, it contains less moisture and is generally cooler, thus extending the life of the compressor, hose and machinery. It’s a simple concept that represents a revolution in efficiency for pneumatic machinery and compressors. All it’s doing is taking waste and turning it into something useful.


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