GoGet car sharing

Cars are incredibly expensive to own and operate, but it’s a fair bet that you have only used your car for a short time today, if you used it at all. This incredibly costly resource spends most of its life sitting idle, all the while drawing a constant stream of money from your wallet. A more sensible approach would be to have a car that is there when you need it; when you’re not using it, someone else can. Imagine a system in which you don’t pay for the car when you’re not using it. What you need are all the services that a car provides, without actually having to buy a car.

This is exactly what car-sharing services like GoGet provide. Say you do almost all your travelling by public transport, but every once in a while you need a car to go somewhere out of the way, or to transport something that can’t be carried on the bus or the train. Instead of buying a car for those infrequent trips, you become a member of GoGet and are issued with a special swipe card. When you need a car, you can book one online as little as five minutes in advance, and the website will direct you to a car parked nearby. You can even specify whether you need a small or large car. You find the car, swipe your card to unlock it, disable the security system and log your usage, find the key from inside, start it up and drive away. At the end of each month you receive your activity statement and bill, much like for your mobile phone. Instead of buying the car – the product – you are paying for the service that a car provides.


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